Wind from the north.

Unbeaten by the rain

Unbeaten by the wind

Bested by neither snow nor summer heat

Strong of body

Free of desire

Never angry

Always smiling quietly

Dining daily on four cups of brown rice

Some miso and a few vegetables

Observing all things

With dispassion

But remembering well

Living in a small, thatched-roof house

In the meadow beneath a canopy of pines

Going east to nurse the sick child

Going west to bear sheaves of rice for the weary mother

Going south to tell the dying man there is no cause for fear

Going north to tell those who fight to put aside their trifles

Shedding tears in time of drought

Wandering at a loss during the cold summer

Called useless by all

Neither praised

Nor a bother

Such is the person

I wish to be

Kenji Miyazawa
Translated by Hart’s Larrabee

Recently, I contact with local government offices in Tohoku. I am impressed with their kindness and their accent remind me the sounds of the poems from the northern region.

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