5 reasons why Tanuki is attractive.

Walking around Kyoto looking for Tanuki, その2.

Let’s talk about lovely friends tonight again.

According to Wikipedia, I am afraid that real Tanuki “least concern” in the IUCN Red list.
However, there are plenty of reasons which make people concern them.

A little guard.

1: Their solitude.

They are usually standing alone. Sometimes you can find several tanukis stand in one row, but rarely facing each other.

Especially, in the night, it is somehow the tragic scene. They remind me a child kicked out of their house as a punishment. However, because of this solitude, they become thoughtful and impressive.

2: They are highly diverse.

Even though most of tanukis are ready-made commercial items, we can find rich varieties of their kin.
It keeps us from getting bored. Besides that, we won’t be required admission fee. Perfect way to kill time.

Giant tanuki in Maruyama koen park.

Giant tanuki in Maruyama koen park.

3: Accidental encounter is always dramatic.

Sometimes we meet a good tanuki which has a remarkable characteristic unintendedly.

Because we cannot predict when and where tanuki would appear, the encounter is always accidental and it brings unexpected happiness.

4: Close yet far.

To my sorrow, I am always an observer. And they are pottery tanukis. We don’t have the language to share, neither any small eye contacts. In addition, they are other persons’ property.

There is always an absence of communication and lack of the ownership. However, I cannot get tired with tanuki because of this insufficiency in our relationship.

If someone pushes to clarify his/her own relationship with tanuki, it might be derived from the desire toward authoritarianism rather than the love. We are sometimes too much obsessed to describe everything into words.

Kimono shop tanuki waiting guests.

Kimono shop tanuki waiting guests.

5: Grow older, get more attractive.

Some of them are order made tanukis, which is used as a mascot of a shop or a restaurant.

However, usually I find excellence in an ordinary ready-made tanuki which got interesting features through time passage. Sometime aging degradation or erosion, give very unique characteristics to some of them, those are far more attractive than others which are deliberately decorated.

– Since I decided to move to the west part of Kyoto, while I am looking forward to meeting new tanukis around my new neighbor, nostalgia have aroused already toward tanuki in Sakyo-ku where I have lived 9 years.




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