In California.

I was staying beside Disneyland in Anaheim and silicon valley for 1 week.
Now I’m leaving to Narita, then Itami.


2 years ago, I was also in California, staying in Joshua Tree National Park for crack climbing.

At that time, I was totally no idea about coming back  to California after a few years for my business trip with my clients.

It’s amazing for me to get up not in a nylon yellow tent frozen by morning frost but in a cozy hotel single room with a 24 hour personal hot shower without quarter coins with clean white towels.


This year was my second year in my current position. Certainly, I’m not fresh already. I should be able to contribute more for satisfaction of our clients.

Life is now, and never comes back.

January was chaotic but February is worse as like my baggage inspected in a domestic flight and the lock got broken.


Even I have to pull my back in a plastic bag in Narita, even I’ve used all my socks and going back to cold winter country with barefoot, I have to go back to Kyoto and prepare for the next journey.

Happy Valentine’s day from California!



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