Good news; Books already up.

We are twins.
Fortunately, both of us make our first publications at the age of 27.

My twin sister is working in a small museum in my home town. It was last October that the first catalogue of her museum published.  She wrote almost all of the book except the “greeting”.

In spite of its name is the same with a famous-horribly-oily-ramen-chain-restaurant from Kyoto, and people from Kyoto always giggle with it, the book is polished like the museum itself.

Tenichi miseum catalogue

Tenichi miseum catalogue

They have some master peices from modern (mainly from Meiji to the beginning of Showa) Japanese art. Like this one, my favorite by Ryusei Kishida named “village girl”.

Incidentally, you can buy a copy of the catalogue at the museum or their main restaurant. In case if you don’t feel comfortable driving in the heavy snow region, nor eating 10,000 yen  (or more) lunch in Ginza, fax or a registered mail may be available.



And,,, it’s my turn now…

My paper is going to be published this May from Springer. (It’s totally serious.)

Food Security and Food Safety for the Twenty-first Century Food Security and Food Safety for the Twenty-first Century Hongladarom Soraj (Ed.)

Mine is chapter 25. I rewrote this paper based on my master thesis, and made a presentation (was so terrible) November 2013 in the international conference at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

I would like to express my appreciation to my supervisors who are very very patiently encouraged me and taught me how to write academic papers.

I also make a special gratitude to people who helped me about bibliographic survey and interviews. And my boss and coworkers, who are willingly accepted my absence for the trip to Thailand in the terribly busy season.


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