Ebisu Festival in Kyoto

Cosplay girls ran though the main street, delivering lucky bamboo branches.

It’s totally serious. 30 girls in shrine maiden costumes literary ran through the downtown of Kyoto city. This is the part of the annual festival of Ebisu-sha in Yasaka shrine, the god of wealth and commerce.
Selected girls under 30-year-old can serve as happy-girls who deliver the bamboo branches to each shop along the street, like this…haha.


As you can see in the photo, on the road, Japanese style drum band marching with god-cosplaying and samurai-cosplaying people.
We have to keep up to the parade. As an inevitable consequence, we have to run through the crowd wearing this classic cosplay and unstable golden cap.

Rush to a shop, and make a new year’s greeting and give a bamboo branches,


And next!


Finding my boss and coworkers.


All members of the shopping district associations supposed to receive the bamboo. Including BAPE, convenience stores, coffee chain shops, and fast food restaurants.
Even it was quite embarrassing to get into the Yoshinoya near my office, I often eat my lonely late lunch, I was touched and feeling the unity of the community. They don’t advertise this festival, because it is very inward looking event, which confirms the unity of the business men’s community in the beginning of the new year.




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